HVAC Contractor – Installation

Serving North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, FL and the surrounding areas.

HVAC contractor North Port, FLKirkus Aire, Inc. is a licensed HVAC contractor. We believe in providing you with what your home needs to be comfortable and not up-selling to profit ourselves.   When you are in the market for a new heating and cooling system, we’d be happy to come out for a free assessment of your home and provide a detailed estimate.  Our HVAC contractor will base our price on the square footage of your home, the quantity and quality of your existing ductwork, and the best SEER rating to be both effective and economical without breaking the bank.

An HVAC contractor follows multiple key steps to ensure HVAC installation is properly set up and efficient, tailored to the building’s needs.

  • Initially, site evaluation and load calculation determine requirements, followed by selecting the appropriate system.
  • Design includes planning ductwork, zoning and hotspots.
  • Preparation involves obtaining permits and site readiness.
  • Installation covers mounting equipment, ductwork, piping, wiring, and thermostat setup.
  • System connections, such as electrical connections are established.
  • Comprehensive testing and calibration ensure functionality.
  • Final inspections and adjustments guarantee code compliance.
  • Customer orientation provides operational guidance, and post-installation support includes documentation and service agreements.
  • Systems that our HVAC contractors install are registered with a 10 yr warranty with manufactured parts instead of the standard 5 yr warranty

This thorough process by an HVAC contractor ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency.