For most people, when they are looking for air conditioning service in North Port, FL, or wherever, it’s usually because their unit is malfunctioning and needs attention as soon as possible.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Programs Are Important:

Your A/C unit is a machine with electronics, electrical components, and moving parts. In addition, part of your system is outside, exposed to the elements. Because of this, your unit will get dirty, parts will wear out, and the unit will become less efficient over time.

Proper maintenance can keep the unit clean and functioning properly, replace parts before catastrophic failure, and keep your unit working as efficiently as possible.

What’s Included in an A/C Maintenance Program:

Most air conditioning companies in the North Port, FL area are similar, but they may have differences to their maintenance programs. So, we’ll just focus on Kirkus Aire’s A/C maintenance program because that what we know for sure.

At Kirkus Aire, we offer one-year, two-year, and three-year maintenance programs. With each of these options, customers receive a cleaning and service check every six months. This service includes:

  • Inspecting your unit
  • Addressing any issues that have come up
  • Cleaning and making sure it is running well
  • Repair or replace parts that are not working correctly or are about to quit.

Getting this service done every six months will help ensure that your unit is running as efficiently as possible and will greatly reduce the likelihood of the unit breaking down and your being without A/C for a while.

Will An A/C Maintenance Program Save You Money?

Our prices will help you save in the long run, too. Included in the purchase price of one of our maintenance programs are great perks like 15% off all parts (no matter how old, new, or which kind of AC unit you have), and a reduced price for any service calls that may happen outside of the six-month maintenance calls.

For example, for $130 a customer can buy our one-year maintenance program package, which includes the bi-annual cleanings and checks, reduced prices on parts, and reduced rates for any service calls. If a customer needed a servicing call but was not a part of the program, just that servicing visit would cost $130 on a weekend. Any additional parts or cleaning calls would cost extra.

In addition, because we address issues before they become full-blown emergencies, you are less likely to need an unforeseen emergency service visit.

A good air conditioning maintenance plan can save you money. Not only that, but it’s proven to be good for your unit, your home, and the longevity of your AC systems.

In fact, we have had neighbors come up to us when we’re working on a unit and ask why our units seem to last longer than theirs. It’s because of our attention to maintenance and care. We offer an air conditioning service in North Port, FL that will provide good maintenance will help units work well and last longer.

If you’ve been searching for a reputable company for air conditioning in North Port, FL or the surrounding area, get in touch with Kirkus Aire at 941-240-8600. We can get a servicing job scheduled, sign you up for one of our maintenance programs, or answer any kinds of questions you might have. We are here to serve our customers in the best way possible.

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