Air conditioning keeps us comfortable, but can it also help to protect us?

Good news: Yes! It can.

Air conditioning in North Port, FL can help keep homes clean and safe. When paired with a blue tube uv light system, air conditioning improves indoor air quality in homes. Cleaner air means healthier air for families and households.

Ultraviolet light systems have been proven to kill the coronavirus and the flu.

The reason this works is because UV light systems are designed to reduce and even eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, and other impurities as the air flows through the A/C system and, therefore, from the air of living spaces. The UV light systems not only aid in the maintenance and cleanliness of A/C units, but create a cleaner, healthier environment for homes with greatly improved indoor air quality.

Health Benefits of UV Lights

It has been found that families who live in homes where a UV light system had been installed witness tremendous benefits. For example:

  • When children have gotten sick, the children were found to have reduced the time they were ill with a cold or other virus from an average of 5 days down to 3 days. Adults hardly had any sickness transmitted from the kids at all.
  • People have also reported that they found that they slept better and just generally felt healthier.

The UV light systems were found to keep everyone in the household healthier.

Health Benefits of Good A/C Maintenance

General A/C upkeep is important for household safety, too. When A/C units are run with a clean filter, that helps maintain clean air quality, too. It’s important to change out A/C filters as needed, in order to keep up indoor air quality as well as help an A/C unit run as efficiently as possible. Regularly vacuuming and dusting also help to increase the air quality in the home. When A/C units are properly maintained, they run better.

Keeping a well-maintained A/C system in conjunction with using a blue tube UV light system has been found to be effective against the coronavirus, as well as other seasonal flu viruses. It can’t completely prevent sickness, but UV light systems can help keep households cleaner and healthier, reducing viruses, bacteria, and mold and creating a safer area for families.

Where Can You Get a UV Light System?

To learn more about UV light system installation and air conditioning in North Port FL, get in touch with Kirkus Aire. We can answer any questions you might have about our A/C systems or installation and can share more about our UV light installation services. Give us a call at (941)240-8600.

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