Fans are old technology, but that doesn’t make them irrelevant. People have been using fans for years, and for good reason:

  • They help circulate air
  • They help you feel a bit more comfortable on a hot day.

Before air conditioning was available fans were used by everyone. Now that air conditioning is widely available, are fans still necessary? AC companies in Port Charlotte FL know that fans are still a great tool for your home.

Here’s why fans are still very helpful.

  1. Fans help distribute air and keep things moving. If you turn up the speed on your ceiling fan, and turn up the temperature on your thermostat, you’ll still feel comfortable, even though the overall temperature of your home is a bit warmer. When air is still it can feel sticky and stagnant. Moving air feels better. Ceiling fans help redistribute the cool AC air around your home.
  2. Another great reason ceiling fans are still useful is that they’ll save you money. Running a fan uses a lot less energy than an air conditioning unit does. If you keep the speed on the ceiling fan turned up and increase your thermostat by even two or three degrees, you’ll see a decrease in your electric bill each month.

Knowing all of this, AC companies in Port Charlotte FL still understand that temperature and comfortability are subjective. What might feel comfortable to one person may feel stifling to another. For those that get chilled easily, they may be able to set their home’s temperature to 82 degrees and barely need to run the AC at all, only relying on ceiling fans. Many other people just don’t feel comfortable until the thermostat reads closer to 72 or 73 degrees, for example. Either way, make use of fans. They’ll still help distribute air and save you money in the long run.

While ceiling fans are great, any kind of fan is helpful for A C in Port Charlotte. Tower fans and cyclone fans offer air movement with little noise. Any kind of box fan or table top fan can still offer relief, but may be pretty noisy.

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