If you change out the filter on your AC unit and keep a clean home, you might be wondering if a tune-up is really necessary for your unit every year. After all, if something breaks or stops working, it’ll have to get fixed anyway, regardless if you’ve had a tune-up recently or not. On the other hand, could you have prevented that issue in the first place? It would be dreadful to be stuck without cool air in the dead of summer. What should a homeowner do?

Servicing for AC in North Port FL is definitely recommended at least once a year.

In Florida, we have people who live here year-round and seasonal residents (Snow Birds). Does it matter how much of the year you live here as to how often you should get a tune-up? It does.

Year-Round Residents
Year-round residents should make it a habit to get their unit checked out at least once a year. AC units work hard all the time, and getting them tuned-up helps them perform their best to keep homes comfortable. Air conditioning service in North Port FL ensures that all the components, electrical, motors, and parts on your unit are functioning correctly. It’s also a great opportunity to check the cleanliness of the unit and the ductwork. 

Seasonal Residents
Seasonal residents with AC in North Port FL and surrounding areas should get their unit tuned-up twice a year. This may seem counter-intuitive since they aren’t using their unit as much, but that’s also the reason more tune-ups are necessary.

  • Critters – When residents leave, units are prone to damages and issues. Rodents, lizards, and other critters can make their way inside a unit and cause damage to the interior. Often times they die inside on the electrical components and cause shortages.
  • Sweating and Condensation – Another common issue with units that don’t get used year-round is sweating and condensation. When the drain line gets clogged up, the unit starts sweating. Because of the commonality of these issues, seasonal homeowners should get their unit serviced at least twice a year.

If you’ve been considering getting a tune-up for your AC unit and are searching for air conditioning service in North Port FL, get in touch with Kirkus Aire. We are a family-owned business here to help maintain your unit or take care of any other servicing you might require. We’ll be happy to check on your unit and make sure it’s running well to keep your household comfortable. Call us today at (941)240-8600 for more information.

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