Garages tend to serve as more than enclosed parking spaces for our vehicles. Depending on the way you utilize your garage space, you may find that you spend a significant amount of time in your garage and would like to be more comfortable when you do.

Is it possible to cool a garage with AC in North Port FL?

It is possible, but usually not in the same way as the house. Air conditioning companies in North Port FL can offer recommendations on the dos and don’ts of air conditioning a garage. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Your Garage Isn’t the Same as the Rest of Your House – While it is possible to cool a garage, home codes refer to cooling a garage as simply conditioning instead of air conditioning. It would be difficult (and expensive) to fully cool a garage space the same way as a home. Often times, garages are not insulated in the same way that homes are. Cool air escapes a lot faster in an uninsulated space versus an insulated one. Still, many people are choosing to conditioning their garage or storage spaces. For those that keep classic cars or other valuables in the garage, this may be good choice for them.
  1. You Can Have an A/C System for Just Your Garage – The best way to condition a garage would be to install a mini-split system. A mini-split system is basically a smaller AC unit which is used for a single room (though multiple units can be connected in some cases). This allows homeowners to control the temperature in a single, specific space. Unlike central-air cooling systems, mini-splits do not require duct work, so air conditioning companies in North Port FL recommend them for garages.

If you condition your garage, Don’t Do The Following!

Many homes have their central AC unit placed in the garage with duct work leading into the home. You might wonder if it’s possible to create a vent directly into the duct work that already runs through your garage, as a way to introduce cool air directly to the garage. DO NOT DO THIS! The idea may seem simple enough, but doing so would be extremely ineffective.

Homes are not designed to air condition the garage. If any kind of hole were to be cut into the vent work in the garage, which carries the coolest air coming directly from the unit, there would be far less cool air entering the home. Humidity levels would increase, output and efficiency would plummet, and costs would most definitely rise. Not only that, but you’d become quite uncomfortable inside your house, not just in your garage.

If you’re considering getting some conditioned air into your garage, opt for a mini-split system. Do not cut into your central air duct work or interrupt that system. Also, it’s a good idea to research what your neighborhood’s home association may allow or prohibit as far as cooling your garage, too. 

For more information or recommendations about how to condition your garage, get in touch with Kirkus Aire at (941)240-8600. We provide AC in North Port FL and will be happy to assist you.