No one wants to be stuck with a broken air conditioning unit in the middle of summer, or at any time, for that matter. If you’ve recently searched for AC repair North Port, FL, you might already have an inkling that something isn’t quite right and you’re on a mission to get it corrected in hopes of avoiding a complete break-down. On the other hand, you might not be noticing any problems with your system.

How would you know if your AC unit needs repair?

Kirkus Aire recommends getting your air conditioning system cleaned and checked out every six months.

This bi-annual air conditioning maintenance routine ensures two things:

  • First, a technician can make sure the unit is running properly.
  • Secondly, they can catch anything that may be starting to go bad, potentially preventing future damage or system failure.

Getting your AC unit cleaned and checked every six months will help keep you and your home cool and comfortable.

When Something Isn’t Quite Right
Sometimes, a homeowner might seek out an Port Charlotte AC company when they notice that something isn’t quite right with their unit. It might still be running, but it is obvious that something isn’t working correctly.

Here are a few examples:

  • If it takes a good while for your house to cool down, that may be a sign that your unit needs repair.
  • Another problem might be that there is little or no air flow coming out of the vents – that’s definitely not right.
  • Sometimes, people call for AC repair North Port, FL when they notice abnormal amounts of condensation forming or water on the floor. Normally, this should not happen.
  • Other times, homeowners find themselves constantly turning the thermostat down, just to get their home to a desired temperature. This can alert you that a repair may be needed, as well.

The above examples are all things that a homeowner can detect on their own. If any of the above issues become noticeable, give North Port, Punta Gorda, and Port Charlotte AC company Kirkus Aire a call at (941)240-8600. We can solve the problem and return your AC unit to good working order. We are also here to provide maintenance and system checks, ensuring that your unit keeps you cool for months to come.

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