AC companies in North Port FL make sure homes stay cool and comfortable. They may install, maintain, or service an AC unit to help homeowners beat the heat. But how does AC in North Port FL actually keep a house comfortable? How does air conditioning work?

An Overview:

Simply, an air conditioner takes the hot air from a home, absorbs it, and transfers it outside. You may have noticed that the air coming out from the outside unit is hot. That’s because air conditioners work by transferring heat energy in a home. In other words, they pull the hot air from the inside and move it to the outside.

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper:

That’s the big picture, but the actual mechanics are a bit more complex.

  1. The indoor component of an AC system, called an air handler or furnace, houses the evaporator coil. This important coil holds refrigerant, which works to cool the air. Refrigerant cools air because it boils at a much lower temperature than water. Hot air blows past the refrigerant, cools down, and comes through the duct work of a home as cooled air.
  2. As hot air blows past the refrigerant, however, the interaction of the hot air with the cold coils creates condensation. That condensation gets directed outside and drips from a pipe outside the home.
  3. As mentioned above, the hot air blowing past the coils with refrigerant causes the refrigerant to boil. So, the refrigerant must then condense back to a liquid, into its cooler state. This is done by moving the refrigerant steam to the condenser.
  4. The condenser component of an AC unit pulls hot air away so that the refrigerant can cool down again.
  5. That hot air is blown outside the house from the fan component.
  6. Then the whole process repeats itself, until a home has reached a desired temperature.

It may seem a bit complicated, but the overall process of air conditioning is really quite simple. Basically, hot air is removed from a home and replaced with cooler air. Refrigerant is the component that cycles through an AC unit to cool the air and keep the temperature of a home comfortable.

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