Most of us like to figure out how to get the best bang for our buck. When it comes to A C in Port Charlotte, you may be wondering what temperature should you be running your AC unit for best efficiency. Are you increasing your electric bill unnecessarily high or could you, perhaps, get your house a little cooler for not much more cost?

Is there a recommended temperature for AC users?

Truly, it all depends on the homeowner.

Save Some Money:

If you’re a consumer of A C in Port Charlotte wondering how to reduce your monthly electric bill, then keeping the temperature higher is better. 78 degrees is an economic setting, as it reduces energy consumption and lets the AC unit run a little less frequently. However, ac companies in Port Charlotte know that most people don’t keep it that high. Homeowners often feel much too uncomfortable at 78 degrees and like it cooler.

Be More Comfortable:

If you’re comfortable enough at 78 degrees, great. You’ll save some energy as well as wear-and-tear on your AC unit. But if 78 seems way too warm for you, keep it cooler.  Keep in mind, however, that you’ll notice a higher electric bill. If you’re ok with spending a little bit more cash to keep your home comfortable, then setting the temperature cooler than 78 is a good choice for you.

The temperature of your home effects more than just your electric bill.

Here’s what you need to know:

Be aware that the lower the temperature, the more the unit will need to run and the higher of an electricity bill you’ll incur. You’ll also need to upkeep your unit and filter regularly.

Changing Filters – For a house set at 72 degrees, for example, clean the filter more often than if your home is set to 78 degrees. For a cooler home, a filter rated to last three months will likely only make it to one or two months before it needs to be cleaned or changed out. Keeping a filter fresh can help electric costs from creeping even higher and helps the AC unit run as smoothly as possible.

Maintaining Your AC Unit – The cooler you run your home, the more your AC unit will need to run which means more wear and tear on the unit. It may be good to have your unit serviced twice year instead of once a year just to make sure it runs smoothly and you don’t end up in a hot house needing emergency AC service.

The consumer is the one in control of their usage and habits. In order to determine the best temperature for you, consider what is most important to you between comfortability, energy usage, and expense, and let that decision determine where the dial rests.

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