If you’re like most homeowners, you’d love to save some money and energy, but you also want to keep your home comfortably cool.  So the question comes up on whether you should run the AC all day when you are not there, or turn off your air conditioning unit during the day?

    • What is the best way to achieve both goals? Is it even possible?
    • What do AC companies in North Port FL recommend?
    • Should an AC unit run all day, or would it be wiser to turn the AC off during the day and crank it on when you get back home?

We would love to help and answer those questions.

The best recommendation for saving energy while keeping your home comfortable is as follows.

In order to help save energy costs, AC companies in North Port FL suggest the best thing to do would be to turn up your thermostat a few degrees while you’ll be away. If you usually have it set to 74 degrees, for example, you may consider raising the temperature to 78 degrees. When you come back home, turn the temperature down again. This way, your AC unit will only need to cool down the house a few degrees.

Should you just turn off your AC during the day?

No. If you were to completely shut off your AC during the daytime, here is what would happen. The hot summer sun would heat up your entire home. Not only the indoor air would become warmer, but the actual house itself would heat up.

The sun’s heat warms the roof, walls, insulation, and floors. When you arrive back home and turn your unit back on, air conditioning in North Port FL will have to work extremely hard to not only cool the rooms, but the entirety of the house.

Radiant heat trapped in the construction of a home takes a long time to reverse and cool back down. An AC unit could easily be running for three hours straight just to bring the temperature back down. In the end, the unit will work harder and use much more energy.

Don’t Go Over This Temperature

The best option is to simply turn up the temperature while you’re gone by a few degrees, and turn in back down when you get home. When you are out and about, keep the temperature around 80 degrees or slightly cooler. It’s hard for an AC unit to cool a house that gets hotter than 80 degrees.

Pro Tip to Save Money and Make Yourself More Comfortable in Your Home.

Homeowners can also invest in smart thermometer technology. This allows the temperature to be controlled remotely, when you are not at home. It makes temperature control more convenient and lends to the saving of money and energy. Instead of having to wait to turn down the temperature until you get home and having to endure a warmer temperature for a little while, you have your home cooling off while you drive home and at the perfect temp when you arrive.

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