We Love Our Pets!

Pet owners know the joy animal companions bring to a home. On the other hand, they also become familiar with the extra messes furry friends can cause, too. Pets are soft and cuddly, but that fluffy hair tends to go everywhere. Even non-shedding breeds still lose some hair, as well as dander, and it can find its way into the cracks and crevices of the cleanest homes.

Air conditioners are no exception: pet hair and dander can find their way into the components of your air conditioning system, causing them to work harder and break down sooner than they otherwise would. Before you need to call for air conditioning service in North Port or wherever you live, it’s good to take measures to prevent pet hair and dander from causing problems with your AC system.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Advice for Pet Owners

1 Get A Good Filter – To help extend the life of your air conditioning unit and keep it running as smoothly as possible, the most important thing a pet owner can do is get the right filter. All AC units need a filter at each air return, but pet owners should use filters that are rated for pet dander. You might need to give your filter an upgrade, but it’s completely worth it. By spending a little bit more up front on pet-dander rated filters, you’ll save a lot more in the long run because your AC system will need fewer repairs and last longer.

Another important factor to consider is that you’ll be keeping your air quality cleaner for you and your household. Less debris in means less debris out. A good filter can help with that.

Look for a filter with a higher MERV rating. MERV stands for “minimum efficiency reporting value.” The higher the MERV value on a filter, the smaller size of particulates a filter can catch. Often, you’ll see filters specifically rated for pet-dander. Look for a higher MERV rated filter that will trap pet-dander.

2. Perform Routine Maintenance – A second thing that is really important – for all home owners but especially those who are pet owners – is to have routine maintenance done on a regular basis. Getting an AC maintenance plan like the ones we offer at Kirkus Aire will keep your AC system clean, working at peak efficiency and lasting as long as possible.

3. Clean Your Home Regularly – The more pet hair and dander that is in your house, the more it can affect your AC unit. By regularly vacuuming and dusting your home, you remove the pet hair and dander which prevents it from getting into your air conditioning system and provides you with a cleaner, healthier home.

If you have any questions about maintaining your air conditioning system or if you find yourself in need of installation or repair of your air conditioning in Port Charlotte, North Port, or Punta Gorda, FL, please contact Kirkus Aire.  We love pets, too. We’ll fix your system and help keep your home cool and comfortable for you, your pets, and your entire household.

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