No one wants to have to search for AC repair Port Charlotte, FL in the middle of summer. Not only might you be concerned about the length of the repair process and the cost, but you might be dreading the thought of an unbearably hot house, especially when you are trying to sleep. Thankfully, those concerns don’t have to become reality.

Going Above and Beyond:
Kirkus Aire, an AC North Point, FL company, offers a saving grace for homeowners whose air conditioning unit has stopped working. We have a portable AC unit we call “Saving Grace” that we’ll set up for you to use until your own AC unit gets repaired or replaced.

While our portable unit won’t be able to keep an entire home cool, it can keep up to 400 square feet comfortable. It provides homeowners with at least one space in their home to escape to in order to beat the heat. It could be set up in a bedroom, living room, den, or home office. Some homeowners might choose to have set up in their kitchen or dining area as well.

We’ll Keep You Cool
Our “Saving Grace” will help get you get by until the repair or replacement can be completed. Generally, if a homeowner has lost complete cooling capabilities in the middle of summer and needs AC repair in Port Charlotte, North Port or Punta Gorda, we try to get their unit replaced as soon as possible, sometimes as quick as the next day. Until then, the saving grace unit is available for the homeowner to use as a part of our services.

If you need AC in North Point, Port Charlotte, or Punta Gorda, Florida, give Kirkus Aire a call at 941-240-8600. We schedule our appointments based on urgency and will get your unit up and running or get it replaced as quickly as possible. As our customer, your safety and comfort are important to us. That is why we’ll set up the saving grace portable air conditioning unit for you: we don’t want you to have to bear the full heat of Florida weather, especially in the summer. It’s available for you to use until we have your own system back up and running.

If you have any questions about AC repair, replacement, or servicing, get in touch with us and we’ll be most happy to assist you.

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