If you’re a church leader or business owner checking out AC companies Port Charlotte, FL, it’s likely you’re in need of some repair work or even a replacement service. You may have already spoken to some companies about AC in North Point, FL, but before you make any decisions, it’s important to understand the tech.

Not all AC units and parts are the same. Installing or using poor quality or outdated products can cost your church thousands of dollars.

New Cost-Saving Technology is Smart

Advancements in air conditioning technology have produced more efficient units and given cost-saving, convenient features. One of these upgraded features is thermostats.

Like in many other areas of our life, air conditioners have started to include smart-home technology. AC companies in Port Charlotte, FL know the benefits are fantastic for churches.

Here’s how new AC technology can save your church or facility space thousands of dollars.

Air conditioning systems can now be used with smart-thermometers; that is, the temperature in a specific room or building can be totally controlled from a smartphone and the phone user doesn’t even need to be on the property. Temperatures can be regulated at any time and from any place. This ensures that only certain rooms or spaces that need to be cooled are staying comfortable while you don’t waste energy cooling unused rooms.


Let’s say a church council will be meeting for two hours in a church conference room in the evening. Instead of leaving the AC on from when everyone else leaves until they arrive, they can set the thermostat for that room to 68 or 70 degrees thirty minutes before the meeting to make the space comfortable during the meeting.

They can then turn the temperature back up when the meeting is done. The church admin or pastor can even double check later that evening from the comfort of their home in case the council forgot to adjust the thermostat. By turning the temperature back up a bit after the space is done being used, less energy is used and more savings will be accrued.

How many times have people accidently left your church’s AC running while the building or room was empty? Those costs add up fast!

What about the cost of the upgrade?

While there is some initial cost to get set up with smart-thermometers, your church will save money overall, and it won’t take long. One of our client churches bought all new thermostats so that they could control their cooling costs better. They recouped the cost of the thermostats in six months’ time.

Someone can always check and see – just by using their phone – which rooms are running cool and which ones are not, and each temperature can be adjusted at any time from the smartphone. It’s a very handy thing to have, and it saves churches a ton of money.

It’s time to start saving.

If getting set up with a smart-AC system and saving thousands is what your church is looking for, get in touch with AC North Port, FL company Kirkus Aire at 941-240-8600. We love helping churches stay efficient and save money so that they can continue focusing on the good work that they do.