As someone using air conditioning in North Port FL, you have probably heard ads about getting your A/C unit serviced regularly. You might be wondering if it’s time to get your A/C unit serviced or whether you really ever need to get the unit serviced at all.

What do technicians really do when they service an air conditioning unit?

Simply put, having your A/C unit serviced regularly will help your unit to consistently run better and keep your family comfortable in your home.

Here’s what we do when we service your A/C unit:

Full Inspection – During a servicing appointment with Kirkus Aire, we’ll give the unit a complete inspection. We check the refrigerant level and all the electrical components and make sure those components are working well. If a component is starting to fail, we can replace it so it doesn’t break in a few months leaving you miserable without A/C and having to pay for an expensive repair.

Check the Temperature Difference – We will test the TD, or temperature difference. TD is the difference in the temperature of the air from where it gets drawn into the unit and runs past the evaporator coil to where it gets pumped back out. Generally, a 15 to 20 degree difference is optimal and means your unit is performing well. A TD that’s less than that would be on the low range leading to you having to run your A/C unit more which runs up your electric bill. Sometimes, we may be able to improve the performance. Other times, a TD is low simply because the unit is older and just doesn’t perform as well as newer models.

Cleaning – Kirkus Aire air conditioning service in North Port FL will also clean out anything from the unit that doesn’t belong. Quite often, we’ll find dead animals in the outdoor unit. It’s pretty common to pull out mice, rats, snakes, and frogs.

Make Sure Your Drain Line is Clear – The drain line collects dust and small debris and can build up mold and algae. Sometimes small animals, like insects and lizards, may enter the drain line and get stuck. A backed up drain line will prevent your unit from working. We’ll make sure your drain line is clear and flowing well.

Answer Your Questions and Give Tips – We will answer any questions you might have about air conditioning in North Port FL and surrounding areas. We can help provide you with guidance on what kind of filter to use, and any other tips to keep your unit running well and to help the air quality of your home remain as clean and healthy as possible. We can also check your duct work to see if it needs to be cleaned.

Perhaps your unit seems to be running great. On the other hand, you might have noticed that your home isn’t staying as cool as you’d like it. Either way, it’s wise to get your A/C unit properly maintained. This helps ensure it will run well and keep your household comfortable. At Kirkus Aire, we offer A/C maintenance and will give your unit a thorough inspection and servicing so that you’ll be able to beat the heat.

If you’d like to schedule air conditioning service in North Port FL, give Kirkus Aire a call today at (941)240-8600. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment and make sure your household stays cool for months to come.

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