AC units keep us cool and comfortable, but it’s not just the temperature that affects our comfort. Humidity is important, too. What about the level of humidity in a home?

Is there an appropriate range for humidity in a home that’s air conditioned?

If you’re starting to feel uncomfortably sticky, you may be wondering if the humidity has gotten too high and it’s time to seek out AC repair in North Port FL. An average range for humidity in an air-conditioned home is around 55 – 58 percent humidity. When you start creeping up into the sixties and closer to 100 percent humidity, something is likely wrong.

What causes high humidity in a home?

One reason the humidity level may be getting too high is that water has been introduced to the environment of the home. This could be caused by a back-up drain line on the AC unit or even a leak in the home or burst pipe. These types of issues are more common for homeowners who are gone for extended periods of time, like many months. However, high humidity issues can happen to anyone.

During years with substantial humidity and rainfall, a lot of humidity issues are caused by drainage problems. The units are draining so much water that algae can build up in the drain line and block the flow of water out of the house. Then, what tends to happen is backed-up water starts dripping into the air handler and the air handler starts to get full of water. Instead of the water exiting and going out of the drain line, that air handler compartment gets full of water and gets saturated. Those cabinets can hold up to five gallons of water, so even if the water is just barely dripping, after two or three months, that cabinet gets saturated and causes excess humidity inside the home.

How to prevent or fix high humidity in your home.

It’s important to maintain your AC unit and get AC repair in North Port FL when needed to help reduce or eliminate any potential humidity problems. As a preventive measure, homeowners can pour bleach or vinegar down the drain lines to reduce the algae build-up and keep the drain line clear. However, sometimes a professional servicing is needed. Air conditioner service in Port Charlotte FL is recommended if your drain line is blocked or water is building up the air handler because contractors have access to higher grade drainage clearing materials and can perform full drain-line flushes.

Something else to keep in mind is that when homeowners are home more often, the AC unit will be running longer and harder to keep the home cool. This means that additional or more frequent maintenance checks may be necessary to keep the unit running well and keep your home as comfortable as possible.

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