In our world of high-efficiency, energy-saving devices and smart-systems, AC companies in North Port, FL are constantly looking to improve the air conditioning systems they offer with advances in technology.

Here’s a brief look at some of the newest additions in air conditioning technology.

High Efficiency

High efficiency is the biggest factor. Just like a high-efficiency washing machine or dishwasher, a high-efficiency air conditioning unit is designed to keep your home comfortable using as little energy as possible while saving you money. The technology behind this cost-saving advancement involves the use of variable speed motors and compressors.

Soft Start Systems

Known by AC companies in North Port, FL as “soft-start” systems, these AC units gradually bring the air flow up to speed. Unlike older units, they do not run at full capacity from the moment they start. They do not have an abrupt start like the older systems, but gradually come up to speed and are much less noisy. You don’t really notice the air flow as much. It’s “whisper” technology, where you feel the cooler air comfortability, but you don’t hear it. In the heat of the summer, however, you’ll notice that the unit will speed up and run at a higher capacity as needed. Variable speed systems are not only more efficient, and less noisy, but they save money as well.

Smart AC Systems

Another big item in AC technology is the integration of a “smart-system.” All thermostats can be controlled directly from a smart phone, which offers the user ease, greater efficiency of energy usage, and again, cost savings. Homeowners can turn the temperature down when they are home, and set the thermostats higher when they are at work or away for longer periods of time. The best part: all of this can be controlled right from your smart phone, even when you are away from home.

New AC technology is beneficial for homeowners and business owners. If you’re a tech-savvy person, then a smart-home AC unit would be a great choice for your house or business.

UV Light Systems

With the pandemic going on, health has been a big concern for many people. UV Light systems can give you a healthier home and protect you from a number of harmful pathogens. What can UV light systems do?

  • Reduce or Eliminate Mold, Mildew, and Other Bacteria
  • Kill Algae
  • Kill viruses (See FDA article)
  • Create a Healthier Home

You can learn more about what UV Light Systems can do to make your home heathier by clicking here.

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