When the heat of summer passes and fall approaches, it’s tempting to throw open the windows and let some cooler air come inside your home. It may seem that leaving the windows open could potentially cut down on the cost of running your A/C unit and perhaps lessen the need for air conditioner service in Port Charlotte, FL and surrounding areas. However, letting outdoor air in may not be the best choice for your household.

While this decision will always be up to the consumer, here are some things to consider as the seasonal temperatures begin to cool.

1. Air Quality

Most people relish the opportunity to crack the windows after they’ve been tightly shut all summer, but exposing your home to outdoor air poses a problem: poorer indoor air quality.

An A/C unit has been working hard all summer to keep a home cool and comfortable, but it also improves and maintains good indoor air quality. With proper air duct cleaning in Port Charlotte, FL and filter maintenance and perhaps a UV light, your air conditioner keeps indoor air quality clean and pure.

Air quality is important because it keeps homes cleaner, fresher, and safer. Homeowners with better indoor air quality find that they sleep better, are sick less, and feel more refreshed and energetic. Once windows are opened, however, that good quality air will vanish in a matter of minutes.

Outdoor air is filled with impurities like pollutants, pollen, dander, and dust. At the onset of winter, pollen counts elevate. Grasses begin to die off and emit dander into the air. Activities like mowing and raking agitate that dander and a breeze will carry those particles through windows and doors into your home. People with allergies will likely notice the difference once windows have been opened and the indoor air is no longer pure and regulated.

2. Filters Clog

Additionally, letting outdoor air in affects not only the indoor air quality but the filters on your A/C unit. Once that air is let in and windows are closed up for the evening that polluted air stays in the house and is circulated around the home and must be filtered out by you’re A/C filters.

3. Your House Is Dirtier

As all the dust, dander, dirt, and other impurities come into your home, some of it settles. It will coat your carpet, couch, countertops, beds, and clothes. This means more cleaning or every time you walk, sit, sleep, or prepare food, you are exposed to these impurities again.

Once a window is opened, good indoor air quality is ruined. Knowing all this, it may be better to keep windows closed this fall. You can always go outside and enjoy the fall air without affecting your indoor air quality.

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